October and November fishing tips part-1

October and November fishing tips: When the hunters are in the woods it is a great time to fish. The water temp is cooling and the water is typically getting clearer as algae die off with the cooler temps and decreasing light. This makes the strike zone larger since they can see farther and gets the bass feel like they need to feed.

Follow up:

On weedy lakes after a significant cooling, I like to look for green grass closer to the deepest water. These areas can be searched quickly with a lipless crankbait to find the ones holding fish. Once I locate the fish I slow down with a Carolina rigged T-Rex worm. I like to make the leader about 3-4 feet long and use a 3/8 to 1/2 oz weight depending on the depth and thickness of the grass. The T-Rex is a textured finesse worm that slips through grass well and has a lifelike appearance in the water. I think bass think these straight tail worms are small darter style minnows when fished in this manner. Use a 2/0 with the 5” and a 3/0 with the 7”. These little bits smaller hooks allow the T-Rex to float better behind the C-rig.

I use a 7′ heavy action Daiwa Ballistic rod and Daiwa T3 bait caster for long casts and solid hooksets.

On any lake, if you’ve had a warming trend in the fall, swimming a Fat Max worm on a 5/16 oz weight around shallow cover is deadly. I mix this up with an OutKast swim jig and Culprit frog trailer trying to pinpoint what shape they prefer on any given day. Typically I find if there is lighter wind or clear water they like the longer profile of the Fat Max. If the wind is heavy or the water is stained the jig often outproduces — but let the fish tell you — mix it up.

Many fishermen will fish crankbaits in the fall in the back of the creeks.

conclusion, This works really well and maybe your best option especially on large reservoirs with limited cover. Always go back and hit key spots a little more thoroughly with plastics. The Fat Max is my favorite, but if it is really tough I might even fish a shaky head T-rex worm. I like 1/8 ounce on both the 5” and 7” worms.

Fall is a great time to hit the water. Many times you will be the only boat on the lake and can have some of your best days of the year.


October and November fishing tips

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